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4 Tips for a DominoQQ win

Check out our exclusive four tricks to win in DominoQQ. Read the entire material to meet this Asian gambling game.

Have you ever heard of DominoQQ? Now, this isn’t the legendary domino game with an accidental error in its ending. It’s actually a completely different game. If you haven’t played it ever, don’t miss your chance to give it a try. We are kind of confident that you are going to like it. Plus – in this material we have gathered for you a couple of amazing tips you can use to increase your chances for a potential win in the game. However, if you have never met this name before, better read below, because we are about to give you a couple of fundamental explanations regarding DominoQQ.

What is DominoQQ?

DominoQQ is nowadays known as a very popular gambling product. Usually, the punters can find it in the online casino sections. However, unlike the roulette or the slot machines, this game hasn’t started its history as a gambling service. On the contrary, DominoQQ has been out there for a very long time, even before gambling was invented. This game originates in China, which is why its first appearance on the global casino market was in Asia. The Asian betting houses were the first ones to include DominoQQ in their portfolios, but currently you can meet it in many European casinos, too. In 90% of the cases when DominoQQ is offered for real-money play are in the internet, though. In short, this game is a fantastic combination between the traditional domino we all know and poker. On the other side, Asian punters love comparing DominoQQ to Chinese Pai Gow game as they both have similar rules.

How to play DominoQQ?

If you are already interested in the game, here’s good news for you – it’s very easy to be learnt and played. The rules are super simple. In this game you will find a double set of standard white and black dominoes. In the original game – in the offline regime –the blank dominoes are taken out of the two sets. Though, they are not included in the gambling alternative, too. DominoQQ begins with every punter’s bet – it’s always with the same value and gathered at the pot area. Then, the dealer gives the dominoes to each of the punters, who start betting as they are at a poker table – fold, check out or call. The best hand wins the game, but before this end there are a couple of rounds during which some of the dominoes are removed from the top.

Top tricks to win in DominoQQ?

Below, we will give you a couple of cool tricks to increase your chances for a potential win in this game:

  • Have a solid fund for the game, because it’s like in poker, you will have to respond to your opponent’s pot raise.
  • Do not hesitate to bluff, but only if you are able to do so.
  • If you receive a very bad card that can no longer be increase we strongly recommend you to fold and stand out the table to eliminate the chances for high losses.
  • Establish an amazing discipline as self-control is very important in DominoQQ.

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