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5 Bonuses every punter should try

Check out Esports betting bonus and all the other top mandatory bonuses you should try at least once. See which the best bonuses in betting are available in the web today.

As a real pro in betting you must be aware that digital bookmakers are generous and kind enough to frequently reward you with awesome gifts. Yes, we are talking about that big number of betting bonuses that are waiting for you in almost any bookmaker. Although, we would say that every special offer has something special, indeed, to impress you with, there are also a couple of promotions must be tried by all means.

In this material we are going to focus your attention at the top five bonuses every punter should use at least once in his professional betting career. Check them out right away and if there’s a promo you haven’t tried in your current bookie, maybe, it’s time for a hunt for a new one to fill in the gaps in your activity.

  1. A free bet with no financial risks. Some bookmakers prefer to give such bonuses rather than offering promotions which require from you to make a deposit. The risk-free bet is not bound with your obligation to fund your account. In 99% of the cases once you register in the gambling website, you receive a special free bet you can place at any event, including on a fantasy league or an esport contest.
  2. Speaking of eSports, don’t hesitate to try an amazing Esports betting bonus. This type of a bonus, as you can think off is dedicated to the section with video game events. Let us remind you that in such a bookmaker’s section you don’t place bets on real sport events. Instead, you predict the player or the team that will win in a video game contest. And the most popular video games in the betting world are Call of Duty, CS, Dota, LoL, Fifa and many more.
  3. The old, but gold welcome bonus is by all means a must in your betting activity. Hence, we should mention that not all of these bonuses are so worth it. Make sure to try the welcome deposit that is at least 100% and that has normal wager requirements. Unfortunately, we’ve seen plenty of cool deposit bonuses that can be up to 200%, but their wager requirements are really tough to be met.
  4. By all means, a no deposit bonus is something we wish to happen to any punter. This bonus is amazing for the fact that you receive it without any obligations to spend even a penny from your personal budget. Just register in the betting website and you get a gift – a couple of bucks to place a couple or one solid bet on a sport event.
  5. Reload bonus is our last hot pick up. Why do we love it? Because this bonus is great for both of the sides – the punter and the bookmaker, which means there’s nothing face or unfair in it. The reload bonus sends back to your account balance a part of your weekly or monthly amount of the deposits you made! The more you play and deposit, the bigger the bonus!

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