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How Loaded And Mercury Dice Are The Best Cheating Devices Today In Dice Games?

With many cheating devices or dices on offer, you are in luck. Of these, the loaded and the mercury dices are in popular demand. Know what makes these two the top choices.


Are you very competitive by nature? Do you claim yourself to be a perfectionist and a go-getter? If yes, then you will find immense pleasure in winning a game or the other. Whether it is a highly brainy game of Roulette or a lesser serious game of Craps, you may want to win no matter what! This kind of competitiveness is the best attribute to have as long as you set a limit to it.

Cheating dice is one of the latest devices gamers use to have an upper edge over others in gaming. You will not be the first person to use this cheating device, and certainly, you won’t be the last one.

Basics of Cheating Dices

Check out the cheating devices like the remote-controlled dice or the loaded dice and the mercury dices in the markets. Remember, casinos are cautious about letting you close to using these devices.

But you can still come across these dices from Marked Poker Cards online. What is loaded dice, and what is mercury dice? How should you use it and benefit from it?

An Introduction to Loaded Dices

This looks like a regular dice from its outer appearance, and it will require a closer inspection by a professional to spot the difference.

To make the loaded dice, the manufacturers make a hole on one of the sides, and fill it up with some stone or sand on that side and seal it. This will cause the dice to fall due to that side being heavy at all times almost. Usually, the opposite side of the six-faced side is the one-faced side. So, if one side of the dice has stone or some metal in it as a filling, it will always show the sixth side.

To remove suspicions, most of these loaded dices look normal and have a lighter body. But despite that, casinos have become smarter and are now looking out for anything even the least suspicious.

What is Mercury Dice?

The mercury dices are filled with mercury. This innovation came up when the casinos started shaking the dice and noticed the shaking of stones inside. The mercury dice look closer to normal dice, and they will have the liquid mercury in them. It has a three-dimensional structure and the shape of a hexagonal diamond. But this does not make any big difference.

To use the mercury dice, all you have to do is tap the bottom of the number you want to come when you roll it. So, tap on the side where you want the mercury to flow. When you roll it, the side with the mercury flow will automatically hit the ground, and the number you want will come up. This is rather an ingenious method and, therefore, highly recommended.

If you compare the loaded dice versus the mercury dice, the latter is a clear winner.


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