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How to Play Domino QQ

Domino QQ is a popular online game. It is also known as Domino Indo, Domino 99 Online and Qiu Qiu, also spelled as Kiu Kiu. Some people refer to it as 99 Domino Poker. Domino QQ is actually a version of poker. It is widely played in Indonesia. Domino QQ is a blend of poker as it is played in the west and a domino gambling game in China known as pai gow. Like most gambling games, Domino QQ takes a while for any beginner to get familiarized but it can be an addicting and fun experience after that. Here is a comprehensive guide explaining how to play Domino QQ.


Rules of Domino QQ


There are twenty eight double six dominoes. Every player places a bet and the amounts can vary. Players can choose high bets or low bets. After every player has placed their bet and the total value is accumulated in the pot, the dealer will deal three dominoes to each player. The players can check the three dominoes and have four options at their discretion. The first step is to assess if a player has matched the prevailing high bet. If so, then the player can choose to raise the bet, call it or simply fold the hand. These are similar to the terms used in traditional poker. If every player folds or does not match the highest bet already on the table, then the player who had placed the highest bet and still at the table will win this hand and the pot. The winning player does not have to disclose their hand, nor do anyone else who folded.


Should more than one player or everyone at the table call and have matching amounts in bets in the pot, the fourth card is dealt by the dealer. The previous round and this round have limits on betting. Usually, the limit on the highest bet is greater in this round than the previous round. However, specific rules at a particular table or for a certain Domino 99 online game may vary so you must read them before you begin playing.


The final round ends when there is one player standing, all players have matched bets and no more bet can be placed or a few players have matched equal bets and are now ready to disclose their hands. The hands are revealed and the best hand wins the pot. The winning hand is determined by taking into consideration the second digit. The cards are paired and pips are cumulated, then just the second number is factored in. If someone has a total of twenty two, then the resulting value considered is two. If someone has fifteen, the resulting count is five. The highest pair is of nine, which is why Domino QQ is also known as Domino 99.


There are instances when a player can win against a pair of nines, such as if the four dominoes amount to thirty eight or greater, if the four dominoes have doubles or if the four dominoes are nine or less. A straight wins over nine. Three doubles is also a special hand. If more than one player has doubles or straight, the one with higher values would win. If more than one player has straights without doubles then the straight of higher value wins.


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