The Deuce is on The Loose!

It’s well known that Deuces Wild and some of it’s more exotic variations yield a very high return for accurate play. Regular Deuces Wild, for instance offers a payback of over 100.76%. The variation found at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas called both Deuces Pay 200 and Bonus Deuces improves to about 100.95%.

Perhaps the most intriguing variety however is known as Loose Deuces. Loose Deuces is a visual standout with a garish orange-red display hawking the 2500 coin payoff for four deuces (with 5 coins played.) There are several varieties of this game, all denoted by the five of a kind/straight flush payoff.

The most commonly found varieties are the relative low paying 12/8 (even this version pay 99.8%) the 12/10 (100.2%) version and the 15/8 (100.15%) game. The 15/10 version is harder to find, but at 100.97% is worth searching out. However the highest paying version of this game, the 17/10 version which returns an incredible -101.6%(!) now seems to be reappearing in Las Vegas. It has been found at least two casinos in Glitter Gulch and more may follow.


———- ——— ————– ——– —————
ROYAL FLUSH 0.00% 45310 4000 1.77%
FOUR DEUCES 0.02% 4702.1 2500 10.63%
ROYAL W/DEUCE 0.17% 589.07 125 4.24%
FIVE OF A KIND 0.32% 315.26 85 5.39%
STRAIGHT FLUSH 0.43% 230.21 50 4.34%
FOUR OF A KIND 6.51% 15.357 20 26.05%
FULL HOUSE 2.12% 47.27 15 6.35%
FLUSH 1.64% 60.863 10 3.29%
STRAIGHT 5.54% 18.058 10 11.08%
THREE OF A KIND 28.47% 3.5124 5 28.47%
GARBAGE 54.78% 1.8256 0 0.00%

There is a catch, however. This game is not only the highest paying flat-top around but also the most volatile. As the table shows, fully 12.4% of the payoff for this game is in the four deuces jackpot and the royal flush. So in between those two jackpots you are playing at a payback of 87.6%!

Worse than this, if you remove the often hard to get wild royal and five of a kind you are playing at 78%!  This will obviously lead to some very mean losing streaks. You will generally need a wad of ‘Ben Franklins’ to play this game (which is only available in the quarter denomination.)


Basic changes from regular DW strategy.

Always draw to three Deuces (break up a Wild RF or 5 of a kind).

With two deuces, break up a four card straight flush.

Skip Hughes plays, analyzes and writes about video poker. His acclaimed Video Poker Survival Kit is designed for the recreational player.

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