Asian gambling market Live Casino 

Asian gambling market – things to know

Besides the Trusted Online Casino Malaysia websites there are also very cool and interesting countries that make Asia one of the leaders in casino industry. See some curious facts related with Asian gambling market right away. Asia is one of the hugest gambling markets in the world. Yes, that’s right. You have not misread it. This is the truth. We, though, believe, that many of you are right now a bit surprised. Asians play casino games? As a matter of fact, they do. Not only Asians play casino games, but…

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UK gambling credit card ban Gambling 

The UK gambling credit card ban

Have you noticed that you can no longer use your credit card to gamble at casinos in the United Kingdom? Here, we want to talk a little bit about this ban. We are going to give a general overview here. If you want to find out more info about this ban, then click that link. For now, we will give you the absolute basics of this ban so you can understand it a little bit more. Why were credit cards banned? The United Kingdom is one of the ‘online gambling…

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popular casino games Casino Games 

Common Games That Originated Centuries Ago

Some of the popular casino games that originated centuries ago are quite popular today One of the world’s oldest casinos, Venetian Ridotto opened doors in the first middle of the 17th century. But what kind of games were players betting on back then? Surely it is neither video poker nor i-slots. Common games that gamblers wagered on include classics such as poker, blackjack, roulette, keno, and craps. Craps For those who have never heard of craps, it is a game where players wager on the outcome of a pair of…

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Demos by Casino Gaming Casino Games 

Demo Games to Play for Fun and Learn the Rules

Playing online demos for free allows users to choose their game favorites to bet on Many gambling platforms offer demo versions that can be played for free, whether for fun or to get the basics and learn the rules. You can choose from different games by category, developer, or country as some casinos allow players from certain countries only. Demos by Casino Gaming Developing Companies The list of brands that feature demo versions is quite long and includes companies such as: Kajot Yggdrasil Merkur Konami WMS Playtech Microgaming Aristocrat Novomatic…

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Exclusive Rewards and Bonuses Gambling 

Exclusive Rewards and Bonuses Reserved for High Rollers

High rollers who play high stake games are offered access to exclusive events, top notch dining venues and penthouse suites, and lucrative bonuses High rollers are regular players who wager large amounts and for this reason, casinos treat them as VIP guests. While they are more of an exception, whales or high rollers are often exempt from casinos’ regulations as to lure them into playing. They are also offered a wide selection of exclusive rewards and personalized services such as VIP managers, special invitations and VIP tournaments, and higher withdrawal…

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Casinos in Singapore Gambling 

Exclusive Rewards Programs Offered by Casinos in Singapore

Singaporean resort-based casinos offer rewards programs featuring attractive discounts and privileges Joining a casino in Singapore as a club member offers many privileges, including personalized services, rewards, and discounts. While residents and citizens are allowed for a fee, here are some great benefits to explore before you join in. Sentosa Casino Rewards Program Resort-based Sentosa Casino features the Genting Rewards Program that everyone aged 21 and older can join. Members have access to exclusive privileges at participating establishments, including attractions, top of the line entertainment, celebrity chef restaurants, and hotels.…

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online casino games Casino Games 

What are the most noob-friendly online casino games?

The emergence of a variety of online casinos has piqued the interest of many new players. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at an online casino but don’t know where to start, then this article is for you. Below, we’ve picked out some of the easiest and most noob-friendly online casino games that can help kickstart your journey to enjoying online casino games.   Slots games If it’s your first time playing in an online casino, you may want to start off with slots online. This is as…

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playing online casino Gambling 

Eternal tips for playing online casino

These are the fundamental tips everyone should follow in judi online. See some of the most basic tricks a gambler is supposed to be aware of. In your early days within gambling sphere you might have received plenty of tips and tricks. Some of them might have been given to you from friends with richer experience in the field. Others, though, might have been read in special forums related with casinos and judi online games. In our today’s material we are going to offer you some tips for playing online…

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Straight and Flush in Poker Poker 

What’s the Difference Between Straight and Flush in Poker?

In the game of poker, a dealer gives out 5 playing cards to every player for each game. You call the set a poker hand. Sometimes you get a Straight. Other times, you get a Flush. What’s the difference between the two? Which poker hand ranks higher? Let’s answer these questions below.   Straight You can get a straight poker hand. In this set, you have 5 cards that run in sequence. But they’re not all the same suit.  For example, in a poker hand of 5 playing cards, you…

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