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Common Games That Originated Centuries Ago

Some of the popular casino games that originated centuries ago are quite popular today

One of the world’s oldest casinos, Venetian Ridotto opened doors in the first middle of the 17th century. But what kind of games were players betting on back then? Surely it is neither video poker nor i-slots. Common games that gamblers wagered on include classics such as poker, blackjack, roulette, keno, and craps.


For those who have never heard of craps, it is a game where players wager on the outcome of a pair of dices, series of rolls, or a single roll. They can either bet against the bank or against one another. The first is known as table craps while the second is called street craps.

The game is believed to have originated in the 14th century under the name hazard and was first mentioned in Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Despite having complicated rules, it became quite popular in the 1700s and 1800s in England. Craps is a simplified version of hazard and was brought to North America in the 19th century.


This is one of the world’s oldest games, which is now offered by casinos around the world as well as by different state lotteries. Its origins can be traced to China, with legends that the funds raised by playing keno helped build the Great Wall of China.

Today, casinos offer a selection of play tables for live keno and a larger house edge compared to other options. The rules are straightforward, with players picking numbers from 1 to 80 and making bets. Then 20 random numbers are drawn by a random number generator or a ball machine like the ones for lottery games and bingo. Another traditional game that involves numbers is keluaran sgp, which is popular in South East Asia and uses 1-, 2-, and 3-digits. It is a game of chance where players use different strategies to predict the numbers.


The name of the game means little wheel in French, and the first form of roulette was developed by Blaise Pascal while trying to create a perpetual motion machine. While the game originated in France in the 18th century, it spread across the U.S. and Europe in the 19th century. While the only casinos worth a mention in the early 20th century are Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, casinos were founded in many places around the world in the 1970s. Today, this is a popular betting game, with double zero wheel being dominant in the Caribbean, South America, Canada, and the U.S. and single zero wheel found elsewhere around the world. Players can choose from different types of bets, including basket, street, first four, split, trio, straight/single, and corner/square, all of which are inside bets. Examples of outside bets are snake, column, dozen, even or odd, and red or black.


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