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Exclusive Rewards and Bonuses Reserved for High Rollers

High rollers who play high stake games are offered access to exclusive events, top notch dining venues and penthouse suites, and lucrative bonuses

High rollers are regular players who wager large amounts and for this reason, casinos treat them as VIP guests. While they are more of an exception, whales or high rollers are often exempt from casinos’ regulations as to lure them into playing. They are also offered a wide selection of exclusive rewards and personalized services such as VIP managers, special invitations and VIP tournaments, and higher withdrawal limits and bigger deposit bonuses. Here are some of the exclusive rewards that high stake players enjoy.

Who Is a High Roller?

High stake players are valued patrons and gamblers who bet on games with high stakes, deposit large amounts over $1,000, and often play online.

Rewards and Bonuses

VIP Managers

High rollers enjoy personalized services by VIP managers who are there to ensure they are completely satisfied. Gamblers are offered exclusive comps and gifts such as access to luxury accommodation, tickets to shows, and free drinks. Managers also help with payout problems, software issues, and anything else that needs to be sorted out. Dedicated managers are usually available 24/7.

Exclusive Invitations

High stake players also enjoy exclusive invitations to parties and major events, along with free airfare, holiday vouchers, and tickets to sporting events.

Withdrawal Limits

VIP players are offered higher withdrawal limits which allow them to withdraw more money than other customers. In addition, casinos feature quicker payout times meaning that cash-outs are faster.


While land-based operators may not have togel hongkong casinos offer high rollers the full suite of games, whether it is video poker, pai gow poker, or baccarat that they want to play. To encourage them to keep playing, casinos also feature bigger deposit bonuses, which can be in the form of higher maximum betting limits or lower wagering requirements. Cash back bonuses are also available when players collect a certain number of points, and they get bonus credits that are added to their bankroll.

Specialty Rewards

VIP players are offered a wide variety of exclusive rewards such as special tournaments, exclusive access to new releases, and customized promotions. Other perks include access to VIP gambling rooms, casino merchandise, and invitations to pool parties such as Marquis and Playboy Mansion. In addition, high rollers often enjoy a citywide VIP status, which is a major perk in gambling cities. In casino hubs diners usually have long wait times and hotels and resorts are overbooked. VIP players don’t have to deal with all this. Casino managers are happy to arrange preferential reservations at luxurious hotels and the finest dining establishments around. In addition, high rollers have access to VIP rooms where they meet celebrities that are often high stake players themselves. They also enjoy personal attention and personalized gifts and entertainment for special events such as anniversaries, bachelor parties, and birthdays.

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