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Get To Know About CSGO Betting

Let’s get to the basics first. CSGO is a shortened form of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It is a multiple player first person shooter encompassing the battle between a couple of teams, known as Terrorists and Counter Terrorists.

The History

Counter Strike was launched in 1999, with the then popular first person shooter game called Half Life. A couple of students came up with the idea, it became an immediate rage and soon, Valve bought the property rights of the game.

The original game was followed with Counter Strike: Condition Zero in 2004. In 2004 itself, Counter Strike: Source was released by Valve, which was a repeat of the original game. At this time, eSports were divided between Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Source. But in 2012, Valve again introduced Counter Strike: Global Offense, which saw success.

Each match in CSGO is played for 15 and half rounds. The team, which reaches 16 rounds is declared a winner. In every round, both the teams should try and remove members of the opponent team.

Terrorists’ team would plant an explosive bomb and ensure that it goes off on time. On the other hand, Counter Terrorists need to stop planting of the explosive or defuse it or not give enough time to the terrorists to accomplish their mission.

What is CSGO Betting?

CSGO betting is very similar to sports betting, which is team based. Team 1 plays against Team 2 and the result is either a win, loss or a draw. As a bettor, you can bet on the outcome of the match. The payout would be your wagered amount, plus multiplied by the odds generated.

When you bet on any CSGO matches, the resulting outcome can make you win coins. These coins can then be used for buying ‘skins’ from any CSGO fast stores.

One of the services for CSGO is the CSGO Roulette. When you bet here, you have the opportunity to try your fate and in turn, receive skins.

Skins are also called as finishes. They are a new addition to the Counter Strike: Global Offensive. They are mere weapons with varying textures, which can be loaded during the game. The skins render an attractive look to the weapons and there is a wide variety of choice to pick up from. Valve introduced this concept and people use them for playing, trading, collecting, etc. and this earn points. New skins are introduced from time to time to keep the adrenaline going.

You can earn a skin, in the following ways:

  • Earn it via drops by engaging in online communities.
  • ‘uncrate’ it by disclosing a weapon and other promotional containers.
  • Exchange 10 skins for a rare and not-so-common one.
  • You can buy skins from Steam Market, which is called as trading.

CSGO Roulette is, in fact the easiest game compared to all others. The aim is to choose a color of your wish and place a bet on that color. If the color shows up, you win.

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