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Here’s how to recognize the traditional online poker player in the ground casino

Find out how a poker player who regularly enters a link alternatif lapak303 will be revealed as an online gambler once he enters a real casino. Make sure not to show these signs of your game style.

There are thousands of different poker players. They distinguish by demographic and playing style features. But there’s something we can always recognize at once – a traditional online poker in the ground casino. By all means, the punter who prefers to enter a reliable link alternatif lapak303 is a bit different than the fancy gentleman entering a ground casino in a tuxedo. But what happens when a real internet poker lover appears in a real casino. Well, you will definitely recognize him by the following features:

  • He will have his right hand standing at a straight position on the table. It’s because he’s used to hold the mouse there.
  • He will place weird poker stakes like 1.11 USD, which isn’t very traditional for regular ground casinos where the stakes are full numbers.
  • He avoids asking for help from the dealer as he prefers for anonymous customer support service via a live chat available in the common poker websites.
  • He will insist on 5 minute breaks per hour, especially during the live tournaments. Hence, in a ground casino no one will actually let him stand out from the table till the game ends.
  • After a long game, though, he might require a technical break up as his system might collapse. Ok, eventually he will remember that there’s no need for server prophylaxis day.
  • He will not be elegant at all. The home-based online poker player is in 90% cases wearing his comfy pajamas and rather than a bottle of whiskey will ask from his wife to bring him a cup of hot coffee and something healthy for a breakfast.
  • He will scream and laugh without even understanding that his emotions are telling the rest of the opponents what card he holds. The online poker players are blessed for having their emotions shown out loud at home as no one can actually see if there’s anger, disappointment or happiness.
  • He will make the call, check out or fold action within 5 seconds, but not more. The online poker players have limits regarding their actions in game. On the other side, the players in the ground casino can postpone acting even for more than a couple of minutes. This, as a matter of fact, might even get the online poker players quite nervous.

By all means, if you are a poker player, who prefers to play the game at home and through an internet gambling provider, you should better avoid these signs at a real ground casino. These signs are not just signs you are an internet gambler, but they also reveal valuable information regarding your cards.

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