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138 Bet Thailand is Now Live with A Plethora of Casino Games and Sports Betting Online

Explore Online Casinos, Play Games and Partake in Online Sports Betting at 138Bet.


14th of January, 2019 – Thailand


138bet is now live and players across Thailand and beyond can access the plethora of casino games and sports betting online. Thailand has a law prohibiting land based casinos. Gambling too is illegal in most of its forms. There is a nationwide lottery and other popular games but not actual casinos. 138bet takes casino games online and also includes sports betting. It is a licensed website that serves as the gateway for players to explore the fascinating world of virtual gaming, gambling and sports betting.


138bet serves as a directory for players who wish to discover rewarding casino games and the best websites hosting them. There is an instant bonus for players who sign up at 138bet. The upfront bonus is two thousand baht and it is available to all new registrants. There is no upfront payment to be made initially but the casino games one will play may have minimum deposits. The chosen games may also have different bonuses and slots usually have free spins. Such bonuses on deposits or otherwise and free spins are in addition to the upfront bonus offered by 138bet.


138bet is more than just a directory of casinos, online games and sports betting. It serves as a failsafe as well. The website assesses the credibility of various online casinos. It ascertains the safety and security of gaming websites. There is also an unfailing commitment to privacy. Only those websites that have been rated highly, do not have disputes regarding payouts and are impeccably secured are featured on 138bet. There is a concerted attempt by the developers to keep an inventory of the best casinos and to curate the finest list of online games. There is also a crowdsourced initiative wherein players and other users of the website can recommend games and online casinos. Such recommendations are also curated to maintain the quality of advice published on the site.


Players can explore comprehensive guides to get introduced to various types of online games. There are valuable advisory pieces for players who may not be familiar with online casinos. The sports betting segment is presently focused on major tournaments including football leagues but there will be more competitions covering other sports in due course of time. 138bet is the ultimate resource for young players in Thailand.




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