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A Review of IDN Poker

This is a review of IDN Poker and IDNPlay Network.

When it comes to playing poker online, a lot of players look for hidden gems that have fun and exciting games against a wide variety of players. IDNPoker is strangely one of these sites. It boasts a huge amount of players, but it does not seem to have the visibility of other sites of its size. That might change in the coming years, however.

One of the reasons that IDN Poker is not as well known is that it has a vast network in Asian countries that all have their own skins. ShenPoker is probably the biggest and best known of these. The site has been around since 2011 and is headquartered in Manila. It is not well known outside of Asia since it not available anywhere else. With the population density in Asia, however, it is still a major player.

One of the best things to draw people to IDN Poker is the wide array of games from which to select. There are the most common on popular games, but also games that meet certain regional tastes. For players in China, they have Capsa Susun, for example. Regional games do not get as much traffic as the big traditional poker games, but they do amazingly well. There are thousands of players playing any one of the offered regional games at any time of the day.

Other than poker, IDN also offers casino games, lotteries, RNG games, and a wide range of sports betting options. These are run through IDNSports, and there are many markets available.

The site is designed for use on mobile, so players who prefer to play games on their devices will be pleased with the functionality and options that are available through Android and iOS apps.

While they are not the largest poker site in Asia, they are second, and third is way behind. Their players tend to be lower on the spectrum in terms of betting level when compared to other big sites, which means that inexperienced players should be able to find games to play. If you want to play from a western country, it can be a little complicated. You’ll need to have an account with an Asian bank and be willing to submit all of your banking information to the site.

IDN Poker and the IDNPlay Network are big players in Asia and offer reputable and exciting gaming options for players of all levels.

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