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Basic gambling strategy that always work

Entering a casino for the first time or a professional player? That doesn’t make a sense – there are a few universal rules (or strategies) that are always useful and save you from losing tons of money. Ready to take your knowledge to the next level or just to remind some useful tips?


Choose the demo mode.. at the beginning

And try to learn more about the game

Wondering why we put this at the top? Well, you need to know how the game is played at all and to test your chances. The demo mode is an awesome way to train yourself and to test the possibilities without giving any money at the beginning. Also, you will be able to test lots of different modes and games.

So try not to neglect the demo mode – it may be your most powerful choose to understand the game you’re about to play.

Live mode or playing against machine

Try both of them to make a decision

When playing online, you often have 2 chooses for 1 game – playing live or against the system. Everything depends on you but I will always recommend not using the live especially when you don’t feel like a pro in the casino. In fact, when there are other people you cannot even try to predict what is going to happen…and remember there is a reaction time which means you’ve got specific time to make the turn. Sometimes exactly the timer causes loses – for more information about that continue reading.

Both of the modes can bring you huge profits so choose your favorite.

Play as slow as possible

Applicable every time you play, no matter what.

The gold gambling rule! Try to play as slow as possible, no matter which game are you playing right now especially when we talk about slots and roulette. Live games like blackjack and poker also are slow-played if you want the win – actually that is an awesome way to provoke your competitors.

We all know that it is hard to play slowly but that can be the key to jackpot.

Try the new currencies

For the best experience ever

Using the new digital money like Bitcoin is always a good decision. If you haven’t heard of it make a research and you will find that is a much better way to wager and play at the casino at all. Also, try to find a secure bitcoin casino where you receive full privacy to take the full advantage of playing with digital currencies.

Don’t make too small or large bets

Pay attention to this and never forget it

That sounds weird, I agree with you. Most of the people are going to tell you it is better to make smaller, some of them will advise you to wager as much as possible. Well, my opinion as an experienced gambler is you need to bet exactly that amount you can lose without any damage on your bank account, if I can say it in that way.

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