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It’s easier today than ever before to place wagers online with digital casinos, diving headfirst into your favorite table games, your favorite slot machines, and even digital versions of horse races – not to mention all of the different sports wagering opportunities that exist on the internet today, too.

Platforms like BetFair make it about as simple and as straightforward to get wagers down with nothing more than your smart phone, giving you a unique opportunity to dive into the action with no delay, no headache, and no hassle – remaining in complete and total control of your online gaming across the board.

Unfortunately, the problem with online gaming is the same as off-line gaming – particularly when it comes to placing wagers with a sports book like BetFair.

Pretty much anything and everything that can go wrong in a game will inevitably go wrong when you have a wager down on the match, and without tools like Geeks Toy you may never be able to recover from those kinds of mishandled wagers.


With the Geeks Toy tool, however, you are put right back in the driver’s seat.

You’re able to interface directly with the BetFair API which gives you the ability to take in live information being fed directly to BetFair in real time – way ahead of when more traditional gamblers are going to be getting their data.

This keeps you plugged in like never before, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of different moves and different wagers before the inevitable release of this information through delays on broadcast television or on social media.

Everyone in the world of sports gambling understands that the name of the game is speed. If you aren’t able to move and adjust on the fly depending upon the kinds of wagers that you have placed you’ll inevitably end up losing a lot more than just your shirt – and the Geeks Toy solution gives you instant access to a live stream of information and data (easy to read and digest) that you simply wouldn’t have ever had access to before.

A brainchild from a major app developer that has thus far remained anonymous, simply known throughout the online gaming community as “The Geek”, this third-party application wasn’t ever released to the general public when it first became available in early 2007.

In 2009, underground gaming communities started to talk about the potential of this new application that allowed insiders on BetFair to adjust their wagers on the fly, hedging their bets in producing the kinds of windfalls that simply wouldn’t have been possible without ridiculously fast information – almost inside information – about the games, matches, and wagers they had placed.

It wasn’t until 2018, however, that the Geeks Toy solution became available to the general public. Today, this software is used by gamblers and gamers in more than 100 different nations around the world – all of them as bet crazy as the next serious gambler, and all of them taking full advantage of the leverage only ever made available by the Geeks Toy platform.

If you yourself are little bit bet crazy, and want to make sure that when you place wagers on the BetFair casino you are always doing so with as much information as possible (tilting the odds in your favor, as much as you are able to), you’d have to be foolish not to take full advantage of all that the Geeks Toy platform has to offer.

You won’t be breaking any rules, you won’t be circumventing any gaming laws, and you won’t ever be putting your BetFair account in jeopardy when you use the Geeks Toy tool.

Instead, you’ll simply be elevating your bet crazy opportunities on one of the world’s most reliable and reputable sports books in BetFair – giving yourself every opportunity to pull down the kind of financial windfall most folks only ever imagine being possible!

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