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Variations to Consider when playing Expert Roulette and Premium Roulette Pro

Are you Familiar with the Variations of Expert Roulette? Learn Before You Play!


There are many variations of the popular game roulette. You should consider these variations, understand the different features and then decide if the game is for you. While every version has many similarities, the differences will be more important and those should affect your style of play. Just as you should alter your strategy depending on how much bankroll you have and the odds stacked against you, it is necessary to have a strategy for the specific type of roulette you are playing.


The three most popular variations to consider are European roulette, often referred to as expert roulette or pro roulette, premium roulette pro and instant roulette. Instant roulette is also known as mobile roulette, live roulette or mobile roulette pro. The European roulette pro variation is the most popular. This is what you are likely to find at almost all land based casinos. An online casino is almost definitely going to have this version. Many online casinos will have the premium roulette pro. Mobile apps have the instant play or live roulette variant. Live, instant or mobile versions of roulette usually have similar features as the online and real variants.


  • European roulette pro has special bets, interesting graphics, conventional rules and some distinct features. You can choose your chips and then place a certain bet. You can determine how many bets you will go for during the course of the game. You can decide on any number of bets as the wheel spins. Contemporary online variants of this traditional game have special attributes such as auto play and fast play. You can basically skip the spinning. You can go straight for the outcome without the ball slowly spinning and the wheel eventually coming to a stop. This is not particularly significant for those who have time and are more interested in waiting with bated breath to know the outcome. However, you can go for more spins in much less time if you choose a variant roulette with such a feature. European roulette online also has auto spin feature, it may include the racetrack, there are standard even and odd bets, dozen bet, color bet, column bet, high or low bet, straight bet, street bet, line bet, split bet, cornet bet and others such as neighbor of zero, tier, zero and orphan.


  • Premium roulette pro is based on the traditional European variant but has some other features. You can change the color and other elements of the table. You can also zoom in on the ball, chips or wheel. There are auto plays including auto spin and you can choose how many rounds you wish to play. The game will stop automatically after you are done with the preset number of rounds. You may also choose your winnings as the auto stop. Premium roulette pro has auto double of previous bet, repeat bets, reverse spin and re-bet. Such variants usually have a gaming history that helps players get a better understanding of how they are faring and accordingly one can improve their strategy. This variant usually does not have the racetrack.

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